About Us

MedTrips is all about providing you with a safe and stress-free medical tourism experience.
The concept of medical tourism can be quite overwhelming. No need to fear, we'll guide you through the process at your own pace and explain the details along the way. All you need to know right now is that you require plastic surgery or dental traetment.Our main aim is to give you the comfort and certainty of a high class medical treatment in Lithuania.


We dedicate all our best knowledge and time to meet all your requirements during your treatment. Our professionalism, perfect procedures and cooperation with the best clinics in Lithuania will bring you satisfaction, joy and pleasure. We have developed strong relationships with all our partners, so we are able get priority service to address your requests with a high level of satisfaction.


Not only do we serve medical treatment and help but also offer to our clients stays in SPA and sanatoriums. So, you will find in Lithuania not only the top clinics and doctors but also you will discover it as a place where you can relax and recover after your treatment.


Our mission:

To help people to return the joy of healthy living, offering medical services, which combine the desired quality for the available funds.


Our aim:

To become a leading facilitator for directing traditions and innovations of the Lithuanian medicine for health and beauty enhancement of the world community


Terms of Use:

Medtrips.eu provides information services regarding health care issues with such information being provided on a global basis. We also provide transportation, accommodation and related travel services and information. We do not provide health care and we do not provide any medical advice regarding the nature of health care treatment. We are not medical professionals and will not discuss or advise any issues relating to medical treatment. We facilitate contact with, and provide information about  clinics and doctors in Lithuania and provide information about their credentials in order for you to make informed decisions.


It is up to each individual who uses the tools and services that we provide to conduct their own comprehensive due diligence of any health service, care giver, physician or any other medial professional, medical facility, or health service prior to using such services.