Holidays are all about relaxing and recuperation. So why not book yourself into the luxury spa resort for a holidaythis year and take in spa facilities offered by our partners?

You can choose from over 100 different kind of medical and beauty treatments and procedures (either chosen separately or as a package), ranging from relaxing leisure to solid weekly and monthly treatment programs.


A one day, weekend or even a week long SPA procedures are offered to individuals according to their needs. For groups there is an opportunity to organize conferences during which we arrange time for wellness programs and other activities.



Main SPA hotels or SPA services providers are located in  Druskininkai, Kaunas, Vilnius,  Palanga  and Birštonas.


Druskininkai is a year-round international resort offering mineral bath, mud and klimate therapies.

According to the air ionization index Druskininkai resort is one step ahead of such favorite resorts as Kislodovsk, Pyatigorsk and even Davos in Swiss.

The biggest resort treasure are the recourses of mineral waters, of which there are even 11. Calcium and sodium chloride waters of different mineralization, containing more of magnesium and bromine, with chemical composition similar to the well-known European mineral waters, used for treatment, are found in the resort. Mineral spring waters are efficient in healing stomach, intestine, muscles, joints, spine, peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular, gynecological, skin, as well as endocrine system diseases.

The resort is rich in curative peaty mud deposits. Peaty mud treatment distinguishes for the thermal, mechanical, and chemical effect. Remedial mud is used for treatment of connective tissue and skeleton, muscles, digestive system, joints, nerves, urogenital, and respiratory system diseases.

Mild climate and ionized air is another remedial factor of the resort. Because of the pine forests and dozens of water bodies surrounding Druskininkai, as well as absence of industry, the air is very clean here, and abundant negative (light) ions are the fundamental evidence of clean air.